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IBANBit: Your Digital Purse  


You’ve probably used banking services in your everyday life without even thinking about it. There is nothing new or challenging about this process and you may be using it already, through your credit card or another electronic bank service.

However, as technology is changing with each passing year, customers’ demand for more grows. Companies have to stay competitive. Thus, everyone is trying to keep up with the pace.  Millions of dollars are being invested in the digitization of nearly every aspect of the business. As a result, hundreds of digital wallets and digital-only banks started populating the market all around the globe.

IBANBit: extraordinary solutions for your extraordinary live

But why are they so popular, you may ask… and there is a simple answer to that. They are faster and cheaper than real banks! Banks have to cover the cost of maintaining the physical branch offices, have to pay their employees, and, overall, the expense base is significantly reduced. In a way, digital banks are the ones staying ahead and looking far into the future as they provide customers with innovative technologies. They aim to provide fast and secure banking services.

You will also agree that in times like these after the unknown virus has encaged everyone at home and changed the world to the point of no return, digital services are becoming more critical.

Banking and Digital Wallet: What are they?

Well, if you’ve never used any type of digital banking servile, the term digital purse or wallet may confuse you. However, do not feel intimidated as there is nothing too complicated about it.

A digital purse, or a wallet, also known as an e-wallet, technically speaking, is a software-based system that securely stores its users’ payment methods and other information. Digital wallets mainly eliminate the need to carry a real purse by saving all of the consumer’s digital data on one secure and safe space. The system allows many people from all backgrounds and countries, especially developing nations, to participate more fully in the global financial market.


Digital wallets enable users to complete any type of purchases quickly through conjunction with mobile payment systems, and with the help of near-field communications technology. In addition to all of these, an e-wallet can be used to store digital coupons or loyalty card information.

Here are a couple of key takeaways.

  • Digital wallets are financial accounts that allow users to make safe transactions, track payment history, and safely store their funds.
  • Digital wallets are also used for trading and investing cryptocurrencies.
  • This type of software may be actively included in the bank’s mobile app or as a part of a payment platform, such as Alipay or Paypal.

Have you ever thought of a new way of banking? IBANBit is the answer!

IBANBit is a modern online banking platform. It could be right for you if you are searching for digital banking solutions! The company offers new digital perspectives and experiences to their customers.  Most importantly, it has a user-friendly interface, is super easy, and provides comfortable banking. That’s precisely what IBANBit has been working on for years.

the bank you'll love

With IBANBit, you choose modern and speedy technologies and reliable services. Besides, the high-class security for your funds will make your partnership with them even more profitable and enjoyable.

However, if you still prefer face-to-face contact with your bank, there is no shame in that! Stick to what’s important to you. There is nothing wrong with that!

IBANBit Accounts

IBANBit offers you the option of opening accounts for whatever purposes you have: personal or for a simple business. Whatever you wish will be done in a blink of an eye! The account opening process is simple. After you’ve completed the registration, you will also get a chance to get IBANs – international bank account numbers – from 5 leading European banks in just 1 hour.


With a standard IBANBit account, in one simple click, you can track your spending and savings history. Another fantastic feature of IBANBit is that it has no hidden fees.

Also, in case you are a crypto trader: You will pay only 1% for OTC fiat for crypto services and receive your money in your debit card within a couple of minutes. Again, your time is precious, and you shouldn’t have to wait for anything!

IBANBit: Services

You and your needs are a priority for the company. The sophisticated state-of-the-art technology, with fully automated processes, gives every customer the best experience they can have.  You will be able to enjoy all the perks of digital banking with IBANBit! Time is money. As such, IBANBit bases all of its speedy services to make sure you don’t lose any time.

IBANBit: Services

IBANBit also offers a user-friendly interface that will help you visualize your short-term and long-term financial goals and monitor your account in real-time.

Here are the primary services this excellent digital wallet company will provide you in case you choose to join the IBANBit family:

  • Real-time spending notifications.
  • OTC Crypto to fiat exchange.
  • Zero fees for an IBAN deposit.
  • 24/7 in-app support.
  • An open account for personal or business financial activity.
  • Debit/Credit card processing service.
  • Get a chance to apply for a Limitless card.
  • Buy or Sell cryptos: ETH, BTC, or Stable coin (and so much more).
  • Zero fees for bank withdrawals.
  • Low fees for ATM withdrawals.
  • Zero fees for debit card top-ups.
  • Ability to freeze/unfreeze cards.
  • Low currency conversion fees.
  • Get Limited or Limitless debit card solutions.
  • An application for a Limitless card.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we would recommend this digital purse as it is one of the best we’ve encountered by far!  The services are top-notch quality, and the friendly customer service team is ready to help you out if you face any issues.

Modern, simple, and pleasant to use – this is what we think about IBANBit.


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