ShareFounders Philosophy Spells Trust

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Sharefounders, one among the famous brokers in the industry was one that real FX traders created. Since its founding in 2013, they have become experts in investing.

Its philosophy stands out among its competitors in 2020, ShareFounders news reports. Trading isn’t a passive income, therefore a trader must involve themselves to urge profits from a trade. Having said, controlling a trader’s assets is one of the foremost important details in trading.

ShareFounders broker has earned an honest reputation for its services. Bitrix Tech Limited, with the license number 2896674 owns and manages this forex broker, and with a goal to empower.

The brokerage aims to empower amateur and professional traders to trade global financial markets. It advances its trading platform with the utilization of recent technology.

With as its domain, Bitrix allows trading with a good range of instruments.

 Its transparent policy gives easy deposit and withdrawal options, thereby proving their credibility in this competitive field.

With this company, traders gain full freedom as investors are ready to create and improve trading strategies on the MT4. They receive assistance from a knowledgeable financial advisor and analyst allowing freedom for traders to maneuver assets as they want.

Hence, they become successful in the field because the best traders gain experience through trial and error.

ShareFounders Account Types with Perks

Forex graphs photo.

ShareFounders gives investors four different account types in 2020: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Beginning with Bronze, this account is for newbies with a $250 minimum deposit.

The silver account is meant for traders who have experience but want to check the platform first. The minimum deposit for a silver account is $2000.

Gold is for traders who have tested the platform already and now wish to start trading seriously. The minimum deposit for a Gold account is $10,000.

Lastly, the platinum account was created for confident investors. For those that are able to move big numbers and make large profits, this is the recommended choice. The minimum deposit for a platinum account is $50,000.

All four ShareFounders account types accompany respective perks. A closer review of its account types would be good before starting.

Using a demo account

Moreover, a newbie who wants to check his skills can open a demo account. So with a demo account, one can gain the minimal knowledge necessary to activate a true account. Rather than using real money, virtual currency is what you will use.

Open and trading on a demo account is extremely easy. It offers an opportunity for people to find out about the forex industry for this year. The demo account also comes with perks.

A more thorough review of those account types with perks helps one to understand whether this broker fits his needs. The type of assets the broker offers, also the payment options available, should at least be reviewed first.

In addition, ShareFounders has an Introducing Broker program which will help make money by bringing clients to the platform. This will be best for an independent financial advisor, website owner, blogger, or trader with a keen interest in Forex.

A ShareFounders review of its advantages proved that their bonus system is made for real traders and financial professionals.


Overall ShareFounders Brokers’ services are impressive. The solid range of account types benefits traders from the foremost basic level to knowledgeable level. Its easy money deposit and withdrawal methods are credible and an IB program that’s of great advantage.

Its 24/5 customer service and professional financial advisors and analysts make its services at par with the best ones. It has much to offer to beginners and professional traders, with its philosophy standing out and one that spells trust.

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