Sat, February 04, 2023

Mastercard Builds a Team to Work on Digital Coins Idea


Digital Coins: Bank cards of the mastercard close-up.

Payments giant Mastercard is in search of members to hire as its blockchain professionals. These include several senior roles in an effort to develop its digital coins and wallet products.

The company is looking for a senior blockchain engineer and engineering lead.

Moreover, it is also in the quest for a director for product development and innovation. Plus  a vice president that will handle product management, and, lastly, a director of product management for cryptocurrency and wallets.

All of these were according to the company’s career website.

Mastercard is in search because it also wants to fill the senior role expertise in blockchain tech.

The professional search comprises of a vice president of network tech product management, a director of payments platform and networks, and a senior analyst for strategic program management and others.

According to the work description, the director of product management for cryptocurrency and wallets will be expected to lead the ideation, definition, and design.

He must also have a piece of knowledge in developing the innovative digital coins solution, including wallet solutions.

Meanwhile, in charge of the Mastercard’s patent portfolio and filing new patent applications is the director for product development and innovation. He will also work with the vice president in conducting product management.

Other than that, there are few details about the new role. There are also job interview questions for the potential applicants about the crypto industry.

Questions for the Possible Candidate

It asks, “Do you have the courage to look in the eyes of disruptive forces with no fear, and maneuver them to your advantage?”

In addition, “Do you have the desire to work at the cutting-edge intersection of payments and crypto-currencies?”

The last question is, “Do you have the ambition to build something which you can narrate to your grandchildren?”

The new command team is further supposed to campaign for blockchain concepts within Mastercard itself.

According to the explanation of the directors together with the VP positions, they are in need to “establish shared vision across the company by influencing and building consensus among the various stakeholders.”

Mastercard is an affiliate of the Libra Association. A loose cross-industry association is cautiously supporting the introduction of Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency, Libra.

Meanwhile, Facebook itself is now actively gathering personnel for its native wallet, Calibra.



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